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Chris Tilton

Owner / President

Chris joined Tiltons Automotive Service after spending 10 years in the construction industry as a Project Manager with Ruscilli Construction. After spending those 10 years in construction Chris realized that he had always had a passion for cars and trucks and knew, Andy (Dad), wanted him follow his own path and would never have an expectation of him to come work for the family business that he started back in December 1989.

Chris never wanted to be "given" a job in the family business without bringing some knowledge to the table. As different as construction is from the automotive business, there are a lot of management and technical similarties that Chris was able to implement when he came onboard in 2013. With his modifications the business was off to the races, and building upon what was already built by Andy Tilton.

As Andy prepares to step back, Chris has moved into the role as 2nd Generation Owner and President. He looks forward to caring for our employees, clients, and community for the foreseable future.


Chris Tilton
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