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Vehicle Maintenance

Here at Tiltons Automotive Service we believe that keeping up with routine car maintenance will help avoid more costly repairs and the hassle of a roadside breakdown


Battery Change

We routinely test your battery to make sure it is correctly charged. This allows you to recharge your battery, if needed, to maintain its peak performance. It's important for your battery's health to get it tested twice a year to keep it at its optimal performance level.

Tires Fix & Replacements

We are a full service center including those pesky tire repairs and replacements with a state of the art Road Force Balance. 


Tow Truck

We have an in-house rollback that can get out of the most unfortunate of circumstances. 


Oil & Break Checks

We believe Auto maintenance goes beyond the engine. We perform safety checks on components such as brake pads and windshield wipers and recommend replacement when needed for effective operation


Engine Repairs

With our Certified ASE Technicians, and over 150 years of experience, we can handle anything from a minor repair to a complete overhaul.

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