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Andy Tilton

Executive Manager (THE OG)

As a car lover since before he can remember and as a hands on technician, Andy has worked in the automotive industry for over 46 years. Andy had worked in a small auto mechanic repair shop for 12 years before opening Tiltons Automotive Service. His goal was to change the image of the Auto Repair Industry.

Andy first opened Tiltons Automotive Service in December of 1989. When he opened up in the blistery winter of 1989 he was a Full-Service Sunoco service station with a mini mart. He did many ads on our local radio station WNCI, where he would discount the cost of fuel to FREE! Can you believe that? That was in the mid to late 1990's. When he was tucked back in the local Devonshire Neighborhood off of 161. In a day in age where we look at fuel as being liquid gold, Andy gave it away.

A few years later when fuel started to become more of the corporate game, Andy decided to pull his fuel tanks and become a repairs and maintenance only facility. A lot of people thought Andy was nuts, and to some degree he is, I mean he gave fuel away for FREE. His care for other and the community all paid off in the long run for him as his business was growing to the point he needed more room and expanded to a total of 4 locations around central Ohio.

When the market turned in 2008, Andy held on as long as he could to keep his original location, but in 2010 had to make the toughest decision to close up his 6188 Ambleside Drive location and sell it. Fast forward another 5 years to 2015, his location off of High Street in his hometown was purchased by a bank and required him to move within 60 days. To say he has dealt with his share of adversities doesn't begin to explain this mans resolve to "GET IT DONE". With his son, Chris Tilton, they were able to make the move within 60 days to vacate 6568 N High Street, and land in their current home of 6661 Huntley Road. Making this move unfortunately required a closure of another location down in the Grandview area. With our move we were able to consolidate forces into our much larger home and service our clients at a much faster pace. Fast forward another 8 years which do include those of COVID, we have been able to purchase and build the "Dream" in a state of the art auto repair facility that will open late 2023 and be the long term evolution of Tiltons Automotive Service, where Chris Tilton (Andy's son) will continue the Tiltons Automotive Service legacy for the foreseable future.


Andy Tilton
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